Boelens de Gruyter acquires objects in Amsterdam and Nijmegen

Thursday 25 January 2018

Real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter has expanded its portfolio in Amsterdam with the purchase of business and office buildings in the Westelijk Havengebied and on business park Sloterdijk III. In addition, Boelens de Gruyter has become the owner of a business space in Nijmegen.

Maarten de Gruyter, director of Boelens de Gruyter: "The purchase of these objects is an investment in the future because they are located in emerging areas. We strive for sustainable exploitation.

" Passenger Terminal Amsterdam One of the newly acquired objects is a commercial building at Coenhavenweg 16 in Amsterdam. This location has a lot of potential because the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam will almost certainly move from the Piet Heinkade to the Coenhaven.

The other building that Boelens de Gruyter has become owner of is located at ten minutes from the Coenhavenweg 16. It is an office building at the Corsicaweg 10 which is approximately 5158 m² large. The building has a view over the Westhaven. Boelens de Gruyter will update the Corsicaweg 10 to attract various port and transport-related companies.

In addition to the objects in the Westerlijk Havengebied, Boelens de Gruyter has purchased twelve business units at the Sloterdijk III business park. The fully leased units are located at Pleimuiden 8-10 in Amsterdam.

Business space Nijmegen by purchasing the business space in Nijmegen, Boelens de Gruyter has also become active in that city. The real estate developer has bought a business object at Sint Hubertusstraat 50. The building is fully rented to Stichting Hobbycentrum Nijmegen and is located in an area that is developing fast

The seller is a private investor represented in this transaction by Cushman & Wakefield.

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