Boelens de Gruyter is the new main sponsor of the ladies 1 hockey team

Wednesday 26 September 2018


Real estate developer signs the sponsorship contract with the Vughtse hockey club

The Ladies 1 hockey team of the Vughtse Mixed Hockey & Cricket club MOP starts the season with a new main sponsor. Real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter recently signed the sponsorship contract.

Director Maarten de Gruyter of Boelens de Gruyter is very pleased with the collaboration: "We are the proud main sponsor of a great talented team consisting of young, ambitious women. In combination with the highly skilled and experienced staff, we expect a top season for the Ladies 1. "
Old acquaintance
Maarten de Gruyter played his entire youth at the Vughtse hockey club and was reserve keeper for several years in the first of MOP. "Sport has always been an important part of my life and I have had a warm relationship with the club from an early age. It is therefore great that we can now be involved in MOP in this way. "

Remco van Lotringen, commissioner of top hockey at MOP, is also happy with the new main sponsor: "It is really nice that someone who has had such a long past at the club is now the main sponsor. Maarten is not only an old acquaintance of the club, but also an inspiring and ambitious entrepreneur. It will be a great season. "
Talent and ambition
The team is currently playing in the promotion class and will be fully committed to the playoffs this season to come one step closer to the highest regions. The hockey games are supervised by, among others, head coach Ageeth Boomgaardt and assistant Maartje Paumen. Both have earned their spurs in the Dutch hockey world well, including as top hockey players for the Dutch women's team. Boomgaardt was also assistant national coach of the Dutch national team and national coach of the Belgian national team.

Boelens de Gruyter is on the front of the competition shirt for the hockey games this season. In addition, the logo of the real estate developer is visible on a sign along the line.

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