Boelens de Gruyter rents 900m2 in Fashion House

Thursday 21 September 2017

Boelens de Gruyter rents 900 m2 in Fashion House

Boelens de Gruyter rents 900 m² in Fashion House.

Diversity in line with development to multifunctional area.

Amsterdam, September 21, 2017 - Real Estate Developer Boelens de Gruyter has attracted new tenants for the Fashion House at the Koningin Wilhelminaplein 8-10, Amsterdam. The building has therefore gained more diversity in the tenants. This is in line with the development of the area between the A10 and Lelylaan to a multifunctional environment.

In the meantime, approximately 900 m² of the 7,500 m² building has been rented to companies from various branches, including 1530 Real Estate, Cichi Dining Experience, Vivienne H Fashion Agents, Stichting Right to Play Netherlands, Stellasstyle and Locals United. In the building there is still about 800m² of office space available.

"We are very pleased that in cooperation with Heida Deken and DRS Brokers we have been able to attract tenants operating in different branches. This fits in with the new concept to create more diversity in this corporate collection building", said director Maarten de Gruyter.

Boelens de Gruyter bought the building at the end of last year and recently updated the general areas so that they now have the look of the history of the industrial object, a former fashion factory. On the second floor there is a coffeecorner with WiFi that tenants can use to meet or flex.

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