Boelens de Gruyter steps in as main sponsor of the youth academy

Monday 18 June 2018


FC Den Bosch has found a new main sponsor for her youth training at the festive gala evening of Thursday, June 14th. Real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter is on the front of the competition shirt of all teams of the FC Den Bosch youth academy during the new football season.

During the auction with several beautiful lots, the main sponsorship of the youth academy clothing was the 'main prize'. Boelens de Gruyter made the longest break during the bids and may call himself the main sponsor of the FC Den Bosch youth academy for season 2018-2019.

Director Paul van der Kraan: '' The gala is a successful festival for FC Den Bosch. It is great that we have now found a new main sponsor for our youth. This allows us to continue the growth of youth training and to make even better use of talent development. An appropriate 'match' between two parties where development is of paramount importance. We are therefore very grateful to Boelens de Gruyter for boarding as the main sponsor of the youth.

Harm Boelens about the cooperation: "We want to stimulate the development of the youth training and with this main sponsorship we can make an important contribution. We strive for a regional tinted youth education and help build the future in this way. ''

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