Kroonenberg Groep and Boelens de Gruyter are building

Monday 4 June 2018


Kroonenberg Groep and Boelens de Gruyter are buildinga new neighborhood on existing buildings

Real estate developers Boelens de Gruyter and Kroonenberg Groep will jointly redevelop a part of the area around the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam-West. What is special is that a 'neighborhood on top of a neighborhood' will be realized.

Across three office complexes, a new residential area will be built with 600 homes, including many publicly accessible areas and neighborhood enhancing facilities. These are the premises Berghaus Plaza, The Fashion House and Modrôme. The volume above ground level increases by this compaction from approximately 33,000 m² to approximately 90,000 m².

Intention agreement
Kroonenberg Groep owns Berghaus Plaza, Boelens de Gruyter owns Modrôme and The Fashion House. Boelens de Gruyter will also supervise the redevelopment of Berghaus Plaza as a delegated developer. Both parties recently signed a letter of intent with the municipality, which the developers work closely together.

Meetings have now been held for local residents and they will also be involved in the process a number of times. Parking is being solved underground. In addition, sufficient indoor bicycle parking facilities will be realized. The developments include both social and medium-sized rental homes and free-sector housing.

Connection between areas
With this plan, a connection will be made between different parts of the area by adding bridges and a publicly accessible square. Furthermore, all homes will be developed sustainably, including green roofs and an EPC of less than 0.15. The design of the urban development plan comes from KCAP Architects & Planners.

"This area has enormous potential, it is one of the hidden pearls of Amsterdam", says Lesley Bamberger of Kroonenberg Groep. "Although just outside the ring, it is close to the center of Amsterdam, the ring A10 and a railway station. Housing and working go together very well and with this special redevelopment both get an important boost. We want to add something beautiful to the city of Amsterdam together with Boelens de Gruyter and in consultation with the municipality. "

Neighborhood on neighborhood
"We are proud that we have the confidence of Kroonenberg Groep to be able to develop their building in this special urban redevelopment," says Maarten de Gruyter, director of Boelens de Gruyter. "A large part of the housing will be realized by existing office buildings to build new homes, we create a district in a neighborhood, as it were, while we make the area accessible and add green spaces and facilities. "
There are several developments around the area, in which the Podium area, World Fashion Center Tower 3 and the Gerrit Mannourystraat will also be redeveloped. The Little Manhattan project next to Amsterdam Lelylaan station has now been completed. In total, around 2500 new homes have been and will be built in this area over the next four years.

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