NSI and Boelens de Gruyter work together in Sloterdijk

Monday 15 October 2018


New plan office building is in line with Amsterdam district transformation

Real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter, together with real estate investor NSI, is looking into the possibilities of densifying the grounds of the office building at Radarweg 60 in Amsterdam. NSI bought the approximately 16,000 m² large Motion Building, which lies against the heart of Sloterdijk, in August of this year.

The office building has recently been renovated and for the current tenants nothing will change for the time being. The full-service office building is a stone's throw from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and has ten floors. Currently the building has nine tenants and about 29 percent of the total building is available for rent.

Transformation Sloterdijk
"We are pleased with this collaboration with NSI and look forward to working with them to explore the possibilities for intensifying the Motion Building and the premises belonging to the building", says Maarten de Gruyter, director of Boelens de Gruyter. "Amsterdam Sloterdijk is in full swing In development, it is a wonderful challenge to be able to think about how we can redevelop the Motion Building area in such a way that it fits in with the new plans for the area ", continues De Gruyter.

The development fits within the transformation of Sloterdijk Center. The area around the eponymous station is no longer a business park, but is gradually becoming a mix of residential and work buildings and various catering establishments. At the end of last year, some 350 temporary homes were completed and in early 2018 another 250 residential studios were added. The intention is that 7.500 new homes will be realized in the area.

Valuable cooperation
Anne de Jong, CIO of NSI, is also enthusiastic: "We are very happy with the purchase of Motion Building, a beautiful building in a hugely dynamic location in the capital. Everything happens on and around Sloterdijk and the neighborhood is transforming at a rapid pace. We look forward to working with Boelens de Gruyter to look at all the possibilities that the office building at Radarweg 60 and the associated site have to offer. "

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