Round Hill Capital, Boelens de Gruyter and G&S realize

Tuesday 20 February 2018


Round Hill Capital, Boelens de Gruyter and G&S realize a new city district in Utrecht

Round Hill Capital, a leading real estate investor, developer, and property manager, G & S real estate and real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter have bought a location in the important urban renewal plan Merwede Kanaalzone. The municipality of Utrecht supports this plan for the development of housing construction to meet the rapidly increasing demand for housing in Utrecht.

The area, located between the Merwedekanaal and Park Transwijk, is located in the southwest of the city and stretches from the A12 ring to the Holland Casino on the Overste Den Oudenlaan. Last week, the Utrecht city council approved the vision document and environmental impact assessment as the starting point for the redevelopment of the new city district. The new city district must partially accommodate the expected increase in population in Utrecht: the population will increase from 345,000 to 410,000 between now and 2030.

Alderman Paulus Jansen (living)
The Utrecht alderman Paulus Jansen (living): "The plan fits perfectly with the strategy we have outlined as a municipality. Not only quantitatively - Merwede offers thousands of homes - but also in qualitative terms. It will be a diverse, sustainable and attractive city district for everyone. "

Round Hill Capital, G & S Vastgoed, and Boelens de Gruyter have bought an area with an area of ​​nearly 4.5 hectares (43,000 square meters). It concerns the site at Kanaalweg 14-19 which is currently still used as an office area with 12 buildings, better known as 'Smart Business Park'. With this development they become the largest investor in the new Utrecht district.

This transaction is in line with the strategy of Round Hill to further expand its real estate portfolio in the Netherlands with housing and student housing. Over the past four years, Round Hill has succeeded in establishing its home and asset management portfolio in the Netherlands. During this period, the company regularly purchased property and the residential portfolio now comprises more than 10,000 units. Round Hill has added more than 100,000 housing units to its portfolio throughout Europe.

Michael Bickford, founder and CEO of Round Hill Capital, about the acquisition
"Round Hill has proven itself to be a successful investor in and management of housing and student housing throughout Europe, and this acquisition of the Merwede Kanaalzone location represents an important expansion of our residential portfolio in the Netherlands. The area has enormous potential, and the municipality wants the new district to grow to a total of 6,000 to 10,000 housing units.

Round Hill intends to continue investing in the development of residential real estate and student housing in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, while also continuing to look for more opportunities to invest in the housing sector in line with our current strategy. "

Maarten de Gruyter, director of Boelens de Gruyter
"For the Netherlands, but also for Europe, it will become a unique new city district. It is the wish of the municipality to make it a lively, energy-efficient and green neighborhood. Parking will soon be only on the outskirts of the neighborhood and in garages, making cars disappear from the streets here. Because of the car-free nature and the focus on pedestrians and bicycles, alternative modes of transport, such as public transport, car sharing and the construction of so-called mobility hubs, are more promising. "

Jason Blackmore, general manager of G & S real estate
"The homes in the new district will vary in height, size, architecture, types and price ranges. In the collective courtyard gardens and the inspiring public spaces, residents meet each other. In Merwede not only cars are shared, but also goods, facilities and services. Merwede will also function as a testing ground for the new urban life. That is why the design expressly provides space for innovations in the areas of mobility, energy, health, social sustainability and the environment. The aim is to create a healthy, energy-neutral and climate-resilient city district. "

The buyer was assisted by Arnoud Matthijssen from HMK Notaries.

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