De Ster,

De Ster: Start of
urban transformation.

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About This Project
Schorpioenstraat 51-71, Rotterdam
16,000 m²
169 apartments
Residential property
Completion Q1 2024

The redevelopment of De Ster is the start of the transformation of the Rotterdam Alexander area. A transformation from an anonymous and monotonous area into a bustling centre with strong residential, work, shopping and leisure facilities.

In partnership with Profound Asset Management, the existing building is being transformed into a sustainable residential tower. It should provide space for approximately 160 homes. The existing facade is undergoing a major redevelopment, creating space for balconies for the residents and giving the building a modern look. In total, following completion at the end of the summer of 2022, the redevelopment will provide 15,000 square meters of new living space and 1,000 square meters of facilities on the ground floor.

The internationally operating architectural firm Mecanoo from Delft was responsible for the design. The design for the De Ster building fits in well with Mecanoo’s ambition to design for people and to preserve and enhance the existing character of the building during renovations. For De Ster building, this means reducing the building to only rectangular shapes and adding green outdoor space on the roofs with an accessible ground floor.