Industrieweg, Voorschoten

Boelens de Gruyter and Van Wanrooij Construction and Development buy commercial building at business park Dobbewijk in Voorschoten.

Since July 2018 Boelens de Gruyter, in collaboration with Van Wanrooij, owns a logistics center at Industrieweg 15 in Voorschoten.

Voorschoten is a very popular commuter municipality, strategically located between Leiden and The Hague. The object is on a plot of approximately 65,000 sq.m. and the building is approximately 35,000 sq.m., for example. big. There is space for about 200 cars on the corresponding car park. The entire building has been leased on a long-term basis to Nippon Expres BV.

In the coming period, the developers will jointly investigate the possible redevelopments for the long term, should the current user leave at this location. Discussions will be held with all stakeholders in the area.

Living and working
The logistics center is located on business park Dobbewijk, where living and working have been going together for years. The area has been revitalized in recent years with various new buildings and is characterized by a mix of companies that meet the needs of the local population. There are also several residential streets available. The Voorschoten train station is a 10-minute walk from the property. On the other side of the railway is the popular residential area Voorsche Park, on the north and west side there is a beautiful view over the farmlands.

Voorschoten is favorable to the highways and Dobbewijk is easily accessible by car. The unique location of the object means that the object will also be valuable for the long term. The location lends itself well to use as a distribution center or as a hub for city distribution in the regions of The Hague and Leiden.



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