Koningin Wilhelminaplein, Amsterdam


Three office buildings are now on the Koningin Wilhelminaplein; Modrôme, Fashion House and Berghaus Plaza. The Modrôme and Fashion House are owned by Boelens de Gruyter and Berghaus Plaza is owned by Kroonenberg Groep. Boelens de Gruyter has been appointed by Kroonenberg Groep as a delegated developer at Berghaus Plaza and is therefore developer of the entire strip.

In the area, offices will be renovated on a large scale and around 600 homes will be added to the Schipluidenlaan and the three office complexes, including many publicly accessible areas and neighborhood enhancing facilities. In total, the area is compacted to approximately 90,000 sq.m. of floor area above ground level.

A new parking cellar will be created, so that the parking lots make way for a new public area with facilities for the new residents and the neighborhood. This development also makes a connection between the various districts by making a large area publicly accessible and adding bridges.

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