KPN, Venlo

Opportunities for transformation of the former post office in the city centre of Venlo

This project concerns the purchase by Boelens de Gruyter of the former post office at Keulsepoort and the KPN buildings to the rear. Once KPN moves out, Boelens de Gruyter has plans to develop a mix of housing, commercial and public property with a total floor area of 11,000 m². The old post office becomes a Museum! Volunteers and employees of Museum van Bommel van Dam were allowed to look inside their future workplace.

There is still a lot to be done in the building at the Keulsepoort. It is still mainly the atmosphere of the old post office you feel when you enter. 'It smells like the PTT', laughs owner of the property Maarten de Gruyter. It therefore needs some imagination to see the new Museum van Bommel van Dam here.

According to interim director Bernard Ellenbroek and Alderman Jos Teeuwen it is a matter of time. The system ceilings in large spaces must be removed. The actual ceilings are two meters higher. That creates enough space for hanging large works. The many small boxes and empty spaces still have to be tackled. 'That will soon all be broken through, creating a larger space where everyone can walk in for a cup of coffee,' says Ellenbroek.

In 2020, the doors must open to the public. The museum expected 30,000 visitors in the year 2024, which is double the number of visitors at the old location.

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