Surinameweg, Haarlem

Dura Vermeer and Boelens de Gruyter have acquired a prominent development location in Haarlem.

The Belcanto site is part of the redevelopment in Schalkwijk Midden. An area that will be transformed in the coming years into an attractive, lively and green living and working area.

The working title of the entire Schalkwoud development location is "Between the Trees." The buildings are embedded in a new city park with a mix between private and collective outdoor space. A sustainable, new part of the city is created with a strong identity, with a great deal of attention for social cohesion.

Diversity of buildings
ROOTZ implements a metropolitan development of around 700 homes, with associated services, catering and a living room for the neighborhood. Both owner-occupied and rental properties are realized in different categories. The plan focuses on a diversity of buildings in which you can live, work and stay. The special transformation of the Belcanto site focuses on developing a sustainable and healthy living environment. The urban development plan will be further elaborated in the coming months.

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