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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

We live in a dynamic world in which changes follow each other in rapid succession. From our point of view, an organization must therefore be strategically agile.

We therefore regularly coordinate our vision and strategy with our Advisory Board. The primary purpose of this council is to support the management and to critically question our vision, ideas, and our strategic and tactical decisions.

Bob van der Zande

Van der Zande was trained in urban planning and worked at the municipality of Amsterdam for forty years. In June he started working at Balthasar & Partners, which advises on corporate strategy and management and on city transformation, area development and regional cooperation. He is also a board member and trustee of the international knowledge network Urban Land Institute.

Herberth Samson

Herberth Samsom is CEO of auction house TB Auctions (including BVA and Troostwijk) and co-founder of InShared. Before that, he was a managing partner at advertising agency DDB.