If we understand people better, we create better buildings

We are project developers with a wide variety of projects. From large-scale residential and office developments through to distribution centres. We develop powerful, distinctive projects that inspire. Always with a focus on the users and the connection with the environment. We first look at what is already there, what we can keep and what we can build on. This can be the building itself, the place or the community we create. Once we fully understand what a place needs, we can truly make a difference.

Sharing experiences

Growth is good, but we also know that it doesn’t necessarily always make us happier. New structures are created and then it’s up to us to adapt. An example of this is people worldwide migrating towards cities. Space is becoming scarce; houses are getting smaller and pressure on public space is increasing. These developments call for a change in how we coexist. We are increasingly sharing our property: we share our car as transport and our house as a hotel.

We believe that the power of people lies in the connection between people, what we do should always strengthen that. Our aim is to create places where people feel safe, not isolated but connected. Using space in a smart way, where people can share facilities and experiences.

The future of work is more human than ever

The office is not just a building, but a place where we come together to make a difference as an organisation. An environment in which you feel at home as a professional and where talent can grow. The office must inspire and be internally linked, connecting people and allowing space for encounters, by chance or otherwise. Informal spontaneous meetings have been proven to increase efficiency, which enables organisations to act more decisively.

The office must also be connected to its surroundings. New, different encounters broaden our horizons and stimulate innovation. With every office we build, we are creating a place that strengthens collaboration, where people can perform at their best.

Redevelopment of Berghaus in Amsterdam-West in full swing

Boelens de Gruyter has started the redevelopment of Berghaus in Amsterdam-West. The former office building on Koningin Wilhelminaplein is being redeveloped into a combined office, living and working concept. Two residential towers on top of the new building create space for approximately 300 homes, while a third tower provides more than 20,000 square meters of high-quality and sustainable office space.


Building for humans is not only about the people we do it for, it’s also about how we work together, about us. People with ideas, people who build, persevere and realise the ideas we create together.

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Do you believe in the power of connecting people and enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team? We are always looking for team members who want to help build for people. And make a difference in how they live, work and enjoy their home lives.