Boelens de Gruyter

Our story

What we stand for

In a world where space is becoming increasingly scarce, we create places where people feel safe, not isolated but connected. Where people can fulfil their potential.

A sustainable built environment with the smallest possible environmental footprint and well-thought-out public spaces. Because a high-quality built environment is a sustainable built environment.

We believe that the power of people lies in the connection between people. Everything we do must always aim to strengthen that. We achieve this by developing the best plans within our multidisciplinary team and working together with our partners. Building for humans is therefore not only about the people we build for, but also about how we work together to achieve what we set out to do. Connecting people and strengthening partnerships, this is how we make a difference in how people live, work and enjoy their home lives.

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First look: what is still in place and what value does it represent

That has always been our starting point, ever since we began in 2007. We look at what we can keep and what we can build on. This isn’t just about the structure, the building itself, but in particular about everything around it, the surroundings. If we can better understand people and their environment, we can achieve better results. A better building.

Harm Boelens, Director
Maarten de Gruyter, Director.

Innovation requires human interaction

Innovation is mainly driven by people and to a much lesser extent by technology. Not every technical innovation is an improvement. It’s all about how we integrate innovation into people’s lives. How do we improve on this. Our organisation values and creates space for different visions and opinions. Rather than conflicting, we see this as growth. This is how we get the best out of ourselves to offer the best solutions for people.